The Mailbag: Kinderwagen KÜT

A visitor writes:

I have searched high and low to find information on the pram stroller , carriage bassinet i have.  So far all information seems to be about silver cross prams…. i dont think thats what i have, mine says Kinderwagen  KÜT  on the front, and under that says frank-(something) that part is a little rubbed out. it has a braided textured side to it…and leather straps. I would love to know where it was made, the year it was maybe made, and its value… thanks in advance for any info.  i’ve attached two photos of the parts.

This beauty is a combination stroller/carriage.  Here’s the pram body on the chassis:

And here is the stroller (or pushchair) seat mounted on the chassis:

The “Kinderwagen  KÜT”  threw me off a bit; I didn’t recognize that as a European manufacturer, so I checked with my very knowledgeable European connection, who is an expert in 1960s/1970s/1980s European prams, and learned that “Kinderwagen  KÜT” is likely the name of the store or dealer, rather than the manufacturer.  The manufacturer?  Best guess is Frankonia.

This wonderful combo probably dates to around 1965.  As to the issue of value:  These, as charming as they are, can be difficult to sell, for all the reasons noted in my previous posts on the subject.  (See “further information” links below.)

They are large, expensive to ship, difficult to store, and not necessarily to USA taste.  This seat, of a type beloved to your Curator, is spare in a way typical of pushchairs of the era, but not in a style generally liked in this country.

In the USA, vintage Silver Cross and Perego prams are the ones most likely to sell, and even they usually go for well under $200.00, if they sell at all.

As ever, though, the only way to determine the value is to attempt to sell it.  With patience, a buyer  might be found; with luck, one might be found quickly.

You might want to do some research (begin with those articles below!) before deciding how much you want to ask.  You are free to ask any price you like, but the market will tell you how realistic your choice is.

Further information:

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4 Responses to “The Mailbag: Kinderwagen KÜT”

  • Dear curator,

    your German source is having second thoughts on the id of this pram. My latest, still unconfirmed guess is that it could be a German STRENG. Here is a Streng pram body on German ebay (320716707343) with the hoodarms just matching and the style corresponding, too.
    I must go on brooding over this idea and try to find more pictures of Streng prams from the 60ies.
    The way the body is attached to the chassis by those old style “beer bottle top fasteners” was used by Streng as far as I remember, too.

    • Hmm, interesting! Not for the first time, this curator is wishing that ALL pram manufacturers proudly blazoned their names across their vehicles! Many thanks for this update; maybe we’ll eventually be able to solve this mystery definitively!

  • There is another STRENG pram/stroller offered on German ebay at the moment. Please have a look at this one: 260809594034. I think we are getting nearer…
    As you will notice the pram body sports a big manufacturer´s logo – unfortunately these logos were usually made out of plastic, painted silver like this one. When a vehicle was used they were most likely to break and get lost, especially when attached to a wicker side panel like the pram in question here does have.

  • I was sure it was only a question of time until I found a proper proof: here is an auction on German ebay! 220833321493
    The pram in question is boldly labled “STRENG” and the assemblance is out of the question I´d say…

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