Hertz Rent-A-Stroller

There’s nothing like a World’s Fair for excess, is there? Here is John Rock with his wife and 14 children at the 1964-1965 New York World’s Fair:


No, when I say “excess”, I’m not talking about the 14 kids! Those buggies are Corvettes, and that’s what you got to rent if you were imprudent enough to turn up at the fair with, say four or five kids who needed rides.

Hertz apparently had the stroller concession at this World’s Fair, and they made the most of it. So did GM, it seems. I wonder if auctioning off a quad set of these wheels today would put a significant dent in GM’s deficit?

Source: Life magazine archives

(Yeah, John Rock’s wife is unnamed in the photo captions. She only produced the kids, and that doesn’t really count. At least not in 1964.)

4 Responses to “Hertz Rent-A-Stroller”

  • Nice to see this picture.

    I worked there for HERTZ Rent-a-Stroller for both seasons. Assembling the little Corvette strollers, washing them down when they came back in, replacing the decals on the sides, changing the wheels when they got broken, etc. etc.

    Most memorable exhibits were the Johnson’s Wax film on three screens and the General Electric animated display of their appliances as improved over the years. The lines for those two were huge, but we workers had a pass to go right to the front, so we could see them while on break.

    • Thanks for sharing your experience, homespun. I hadn’t really thought about the wear and tear on the little Corvettes, but it must have been considerable. And it’s neat to learn that a job perk was being able to get right in to see exhibits!

  • These strollers are the only memory I have of this World’s Fair. I was 3 years old and can remember wanting only to get to ride in one of these strollers. I can picture them being light, sky blue. Wow, was I a happy kid to be able to ride in one!

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